Running a smooth design operation

I was commissioned as design director to help with a premium brand refresh to introduce and exemplify Psycle's four workout concepts. I consulted for the new photo direction and creation of an image library, serving as the basis for all branded communications. The brand refresh rolled out across all brand touchpoints: website, customer communication, point of sale signage, promotional posters as well as cafe menus. This aligned the brands’ mission with a visual strategy and connected online and offline into one holistic customer experience.

Role: Design Director

Key expertise: Design Direction, Consultation, Graphic Design, UI/UX Design

Three mobile phones showing a booking page, login page and an instructor profile for psycle fitness

Once a single indoor cycling studio, Psycle became London’s largest class-based boutique fitness chain, offering four complementary workouts in studios across the city.

A new digital look

Phone, tablet and desktop with showing psycle fitness webdesigns
Homepage showing four gym moments: ride, barre, strength and yoga

Website update
Clear, inviting navigation and design enable fast bookings. If interested the user can dive deeper with background information, insights and further expertise.

New photo direction 

I defined a new photography direction that creates a soothing, intimate yet powerful environment. Colourful light sources speak to a broad audience and invite both introverts and extroverts into their spaces.

Customer experience touchpoints

Poster of a man and woman in a spin class in the gym
Poster showing a man doing calisthenics and a woman ready for a run
Poster showing two women in yoga poses at gym

Layout direction for customer experience touchpoints, from print to digital.

Katja Alissa Mueller
— design, vision, strategy

Based in London.
© Katja Alissa Mueller, forever

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller