As Head of Brand & Design, I create, plan and deliver our brand strategy and vision. I sit on the senior leadership team and lead the product-and-design-led tech start-up in all brand-related matters across every touchpoint of the business while overseeing creatives across UI/UX, marketing, copywriting, research and the photo desk. Download the app and get informed on current news.

2022/ongoing | Key Expertise: Creative direction, senior leadership team, brand positioning, creative lead, brand strategy, creative strategy, team building. 


informed — The news, curated. 

The informed app curates world-class journalism from premium publishers, all available under one subscription, in one app. Our experts and editors read hundreds of articles every day, selecting and suggesting only the best.

We believe smart human curation is the key to diverse news without filter bubbles or misinformation, drawing perspectives from small, large, Western, and non-Western publishers. Our readers can escape the algorithm, access excellent journalism, and build rounded opinions on global topics.

Daily Brief

Brand refresh
In my first 7 months and leading up to our official app launch in November 2022, I implemented a new brand vision, positioning and strategy. We worked with A Color Bright on a brand refresh and launch campaign and aligned our visual identity with our new strategy and audience. The new branding is the perfect symbiosis of known editorial principles paired with a contemporary digital spin on news consumption. The refresh is applied across the entire business: app and web app, new brand guidelines and TOV, new social media and marketing templates and visuals…

Deep Dives
Colour Palette
Social 1
Web app

Launch campaign
To communicate both our app launch and the brand refresh most effectively and to avoid any confusion, we opted for a 2-in-1 long-term launch campaign that would address both. This enabled us to promote the app to a myriad of new customers while educating and exciting our existing beta users about the new brand language.

Campaign Visual 1

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Katja Alissa Mueller — Head of Brand & Design helping ambitious purpose-led businesses thrive through design, vision and strategy.

Based in London.
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Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller