Fjord/Accenture Trends 2020

Collaboration & future studies for the win

Art Direction and Design for the Fjord Trends 2020 report, highlighting trends and predictions for technology, business, society, and design. Rollout across digital and print. It was produced by an interdisciplinary team rooted in a collaborative spirit.

Role: Art Direction / Design

Key expertise: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Digital Design

This year’s trend report from Fjord/Accenture manifests ideas around realigning the fundamentals: our impact on the world, changing priorities, times of activism and the power for positive change.
The creative direction is intrinsically linked to the active nature of its content: Dadaesque, protest-inspired illustrations, bespoke typographic nuances, carbon-balanced paper stock and digital content ready to be explored.
Fjord Trends 2020 sees the current state as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to innovate business models, services and products.

Access the digital report wherever, whenever

Phones, iPads and laptop showing trend report website

Responsive website design with access to downloadable long-form trends PDF.

One to keep: the printed report

Open book with photograph of alien-like persona
Open book with skyscraper full of plants on each balcony

Trend Publication
I led the editorial art direction and photo direction. The outcome in print was a 110-pager with a torn cover and different paper sizes. By using carbon-balanced paper, we balanced the equivalent of 4,350kg of carbon dioxide through the World Land Trust, which, in return, will be able to protect 3,045 m2 of critically threatened tropical forests.

Bespoke collage illustrations

Three illustrations with a lighthouse, a head with avocado and a greek statue

Specifically created for the trend report, they illustrate the complexities of each chapter.

Unique to the report: it's own visual identity

One big logo and eight smaller logo iterations

Visual identity
Each trend report is given a bespoke identity, including a logo design, adjustable colour palettes, and a corresponding style guide to ensure that all assets align with the main branding.

Katja Alissa Mueller
— design, vision, strategy

Based in London.
© Katja Alissa Mueller, forever

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller