Data Art — turn your data into art

Design lead and collaborative concept creating a digital platform,
analysing tweets based on their emotions.

2017 | Key expertise: Concept, art direction, design.
While working at Cheil London.

Data Art logo

Twitter is a great place to let off steam and share your views with the world. But have you ever stopped to think about how others might see emotions – such as happiness, anger, calm or sadness — behind your words? We’ve created Data Art, a digital data system that analyses tweets for six different types of emotions and turns them into a bespoke piece of animated art.

As lead designer on the project, I have been involved in co-conceptualising the idea and having full responsibility for the design and art direction of the visual output.

The campaign underlined the magic combination of technology, human emotions and art. Our Christmas card, analysing our clients’ tweets from the whole year, has been nominated by Campaign as one of the best of 2017.

three postcards with bespoke visual outcomes from data art platform
Six beers with bespoke labels based on emotions

Katja Alissa Mueller — Creative Director
& Design Director, helping ambitious purpose-led brands thrive through design, vision and strategy.

Based in London.
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Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller