I create and lead design, art direction and design management for AllBright across their entire brand universe: from member clubs, social media, events, academy courses to digital membership offerings.

2020 | Key Expertise: Design lead, art direction, leadership, design management, conceptual and strategic design, team building


AllBright is driven by the mission to make the world a better place to be a working woman and help women everywhere achieve their career ambitions.

In my first six months, I created a new design direction and worked closely with the core team to shift a vast brand offering into digital-first. I oversaw the visual direction of the new company website and implemented a redesign of all company newsletters in a two-week sprint.

I introduced a new visual eloquence for all sub-brands, developed an organically evolving design direction for social media, and led on the visual direction for global brand campaigns. 

I transform and mentor an in-house design department, commission external freelancers, artists and creatives. 


Newsletter redesign
Created in a two-week design sprint.

Social Media
Organically evolving design direction for social media with a focus on Instagram.


Visual overview of our editorial platform. I create and commission artwork for various features and partnerships.

Visual direction for global brand campaigns.

Katja Alissa Mueller — Creative Director
& Design Director, helping ambitious purpose-led brands thrive through design, vision and strategy.

Based in London.
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Based in London.
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Based in London.
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