Design Direction for Allbright – a global members’ club and springboard for smart-minded women at all ages and stages – across their entire brand universe: from club creative, social media, events, academy courses to bespoke digital membership offerings.

2020 | Key Expertise: Design direction, leadership, art direction, design management, conceptual and strategic design, team building


AllBright is driven by the mission to make the world a better place to be a working woman and help women everywhere achieve their career ambitions.

I created a new design direction and worked closely with the core team to shift a vast brand offering into digital-first. I oversaw the visual direction of the new company app and webapp and implemented a redesign of all company newsletters in a two-week sprint.

I introduced a new visual eloquence for all sub-brands, developed an organically evolving design direction for social media, and led the visual direction for global brand campaigns.
I transformed and mentored an in-house design department, commissioned external freelancers, artists and creatives.

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Shifting the business to digital-first
Launched the 1st version of our new members' product in just 5 weeks across web, iOS and Android. In collaboration with Planes. Within first month of 1st launch: 900% increase in membership, a 50% conversion rate from trial to member. MoM revenue growth of more than 25%.

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New design direction and brand book
The brand book brings together colours, typography, logos, photography direction, film template direction and others. It also includes a deep dive into every subbrand and its bespoke colourways and rules. It took a total of 6 months to be able to roll out the new direction to every corner of the brand universe.


Newsletter redesign
Design and strategy sprint to redesign all our emails: 2 weeks, 30 templates, 3 markets (targeting US, UK, and AUS with different content)


AllBright Academy
New designs, video direction and formats as well as interactive worksheets for AllBright Academy. Featuring a vast range of masterclasses by leading female entrepreneurs.

Social Media
Social as organic growth channel and entire feed redesign with evolving design direction. The creation of smart templates to use for non-designers increased turnaround times by 2-3x. Increased audience growth and engagement across all social channels. +50k in one year, combined total of over 100k+ followers across all social channels.


Visual overview of our editorial platform where I created, directed and commissioned artwork for various features and partnerships.

Visual direction for global brand campaigns.

Katja Alissa Mueller
— design, vision, strategy

Based in London.
© Katja Alissa Mueller, forever

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller