When Covid hits, you shift to digital-first and double down on being a design-led company.

I joined AllBright as Design Director at the start of the pandemic. Until then AllBright was a global career network for women with flagship houses for IRL meetings in London and Hollywood. Due to Covid, we had to pivot the entire business digital-first and within tight deadlines (5 weeks turnaround to launch an app if you were wondering). When I started they had already laid the foundation work for the new product. And while we were running with lighting speed to create the highly-rated app with a new look, the rest of the branding took a backseat and looked misaligned. I, therefore, decided to implement a full brand refresh to guarantee that our new product and existing brand worlds don't collide and confuse. The refresh resulted in boosting brand recognition and user loyalty over a staged 6-month rollout period, and the app launch led to a 4.8* rating and 900% membership increase in the first month. I directed and managed the design teams as well as digital global marketing communications and social campaigns for increased reach, putting AllBright on the radar as a design-led business. Not enough? Read on to find out about our newsletter redesign sprint, educational academy courses and more.

Role: Design Director


Key expertise: Design Direction, Creative Strategy, Design Leadership, Mentoring, Design Management

Allbright website and app on iPhone, iPad and laptop

Allbright is the world’s largest career network for women in business, established to connect, learn, and inspire across digital and physical spaces. Allbright is driven by the mission to make the world a better place to be a working woman and help people achieve their career ambitions.

Brand refresh

Ten pages of AllBright brand guidelines

New creative strategy and design refresh

A must to guarantee that the brand develops with the pace of the digital transformation. This boosted brand recognition, awareness and user loyalty over a staged 6-month rollout period, putting AllBright on the radar as a design-led business. The brand book brings together everything from visual identity, to tone of voice, to deep dives into every sub-brand like academy courses, and social or club applications.

AllBright Digital

Four screens of AllBright App on iPhones for events, articles and membership
Visual representation of App Store features

Pivoting the business to digital-first

Launched the 1st version of our new product in just 5 weeks across web, iOS and Android. Within 1 month of 1st launch: 4.8* rating on the app store, 900% increase in membership, a 50% conversation rate from trial to member, and MoM revenue growth of more than 25%. In collaboration with Planes. Expertise in iterative design processes.


Direction for global digital brand campaigns to increase reach, user numbers, brand recognition and engagement.

Newsletter sprint

Three designs of AllBright newsletters

Newsletter redesign spanning across 30+ newsletters for UK, US and AUS markets. Created in a two-week strategy and design sprint.


iPad with AllBright instagram feed
Screens with instagram stories showcasing business women

Social as an organic growth channel and entire feed redesign with evolving design direction. The creation of smart templates to use for non-designers increased scalability and speed and resulted in 2-3x times faster turnaround times. We saw boosted audience growth and engagement across all social channels: +50k in one year and a combined total of over 100k+ followers across all social channels.


Two screenshots of editorial page with article overviews

Visual overview of our editorial platform where I created, directed and commissioned artwork for various features and partnerships.

Academy courses

Two iPads with digital business courses and three worksheets
Showcase of video storyboards for different formats

New video direction and interactive worksheets for AllBright Academy. Featuring a vast range of masterclasses by leading female entrepreneurs.

Katja Alissa Mueller
— design, vision, strategy

Based in London.
© Katja Alissa Mueller, forever

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller