Some call it Design Manager, some Head of Design, others Head of Creative, some Design Director, others Creative Director... Titles aside, let's create together.

I'm an award-winning creative leader with over 18 years of experience in the creative industry, with the last 9 years in leadership and management positions.

I'm all about crafting digital brands and products that are clear, modern, and authentically customer-centric. And yes, I’m both brand and product side. I don’t see them as separate entities. The magic happens when you are truly customer-centric and add emotional and psychological insights to the mix. Why choose one side when you can have both…

In a world oversaturated with noise, I’m on a mission to add more clarity, purpose and joy to everything we create, whether it's leading a digital transformation, spearheading a brand refresh, or working on a game-changing product. I’m equally excited about cats and bread, but that’s another discussion.

From startups to agencies to big brands, I've been fortunate to immerse myself in various industries and office cultures. Yet, it's the in-house environments that truly fuel my passion, where I can make a lasting impact.

I have helmed teams and creative as Head of Design & Brand at informed, Creative Director at Courier Media, and Design Director at AllBright and worked with brands such as Mailchimp, Samsung, Psycle, Nike and Nivea.

My non-linear career path has shaped my authentic leadership style. I'm all about empowering and leading cross-functional, diverse teams – allowing individuals to shine while fostering a culture of open communication and collaboration. I let people do their job. I macro manage and micro communicate. I think in systems, not in silos. I can lead hands-on or off. My mix of design, vision and strategy results in whole-puzzle thinking that unites design and business. Cause in a world where almost everything is designed, design needs a seat in the leadership team.

As a seasoned industry mentor (SheSays, The Dots, D&AD…), I'm deeply passionate about paving the way for more women to step into creative leadership roles. Creating flexible workplaces and leading with empathy and joy are at the core of my values. Living with chronic illnesses has taught me a thing or two about this approach.

So, if you're looking for a design leader who brings more than just pixels to the table – someone who can unite creativity, strategy and vision to drive business impact – you've come to the right place. Let's create together.

A journey of cross-functional flair and non-linear leaps.

My creative journey kicked off in Zurich in 2007 as a stage design intern in theatre. While I quickly discovered my impatience for gluing architectural models, it sparked a deep-seated passion for storytelling, captivating audiences and conceptual design. Fast forward, and I transitioned into graphic design, blending my love for organization, grids (I'm Swiss, what did you expect?) and clear visual hierarchies with a knack for editorial design.

Over the years, I moved to London and traversed industries working across media, culture, advertising, tech, travel, health and fitness, fashion and lifestyle. Brands like kinki magazine, Cheil, Samsung, Nike, Absolut and Nivea were on my roster. I've worn many hats – both in-house, agency-side and as a freelancer – diving headfirst into design, branding, strategy, product, marketing, research and more. It taught me to think fast, be adaptable, curious, how to work with different stakeholders and listen to different people’s needs. My non-linear background is the reason I’m able to create outstanding, efficient diverse teams, seeing the bigger picture and thinking lateral. It also instilled a sense of knowing when workflows need improvement or processes need smoothing.

In 2015, I joined PETRIe Magazine as Design Director, orchestrating an award-winning redesign that graced the shelves of cultural institutions like Tate Modern, Frieze Art Fair and the Photographers’ Gallery.

In 2018, I ventured back into freelancing, collaborating with businesses like Psycle, Havas, Wednesday, Elephant and Lucky Generals to deliver impactful design solutions that cut through the noise.

But as my career evolved, I found myself craving more – more impact, more female role models, more opportunities to empower others. So, I made the leap to in-house roles, where I could directly influence brand vision and scale businesses.

I joined AllBright as Design Director in 2020. We rolled out a brand refresh while pivoting the business to digital-first and launched a highly-rated members’ app in a record time of 5 weeks (yes you read that right).

I was named Pitch Superwoman in 2020 and in 2021 named as one of The Dots 100 Raising Stars inspiring change.

Next stop: Courier Media, where I took over as Creative Director. I led a cross-functional team in producing digital and print, and wrapped partnership projects for industry giants like Mailchimp, Instagram and Deciem.

In 2022, I joined informed as Creative Director, swiftly rising to Head of Design and Brand and being promoted to the senior leadership team after just 5 months. I led a small and fabulous cross-functional team, redefined the brand strategy and implemented a full redesign and official product launch. Our product soared to #3 Product of the Day on Product Hunt and #1 in the German App Store.

Currently, I am a freelance Head of Design/Head of Creative until my next dream permanent role comes along.

Ready to embark on the next chapter together?

Portrait headshot of Katja Alissa Mueller sitting on stool

Selected brands and agencies I had the joy to work with:

Key Expertise

Always with a focus on:
Problem Solving + Complexity Reduction + User-centeredness

Leadership & Management
· Design Leadership / Creative Leadership
· (Cross-functional) Team Leadership
· Design Management / Creative Management
· Team & Performance Management
· Managing Workflows
· Inclusive Team Building
· Mentoring

Leadership & Management
· Design/Creative Leadership
· Team Leadership
· Design Management
· Product Management
· Team & Performance Management
· Team Building Capabilities
· Workshop Facilitation 

Direction & Design
· Design Direction / Creative Direction
· Design Consulting / Creative Consulting
· Brand Development
· Concept Development
· Content Curation
· Digital Design / UI/UX Design / Product Design
· Customer Experience Design
· Storytelling
· Editorial Design
· Creative Campaign Development

Strategy, Planning, Improvements
· Design Strategy, Product Strategy, Creative Strategy, Brand Strategy, Growth Strategies, Retention Strategies
· Process Improvement Projects
· Market Analysis
· Product Roadmapping
· Research Skills & Testing
· Workshop Facilitation

Strategic Thinking & Planning
· Strategies for: Design, Product, Creative, Brand
· Growth & Retention Strategies
· Market Analysis

Soft Skills
· Interdisciplinary Collaboration
· Communication
· Organisation skills
· Decision-Making
· Analytical Skills
· Empathy & Vulnerability
· Growth Mindset


· ADPList: 2024-present
· SheSays – Who’s your Momma?: 2022-present
· The Dots: 2021-2024
· Kerning the Gap: 2020–21
· Ladies, Wine & Design: 2020
· D&AD New Blood Shift: 2019–20

Award juries

· The AdForum PHNX: 2024
· ADC Members Choice Awards: 2024
· DMAs: 2017/22/23 
· Creative Circle: 2019/20/21
· D&AD New Blood: 2020

What others said

"Having had the opportunity to work with numerous creatives and designers over the years, Katja is truly a stand-out talent. She has a strong vision and impeccable taste backed up by strategic thought and executed with wonderful leadership. She perfectly bridges the physical and the digital worlds and was instrumental in helping us taking a very physical business digital through the website and the launch of an app. And that’s without mention of the timelines we were working to! Considered and calm, while being fast-paced. Empathetic and collaborative, while being a strong leader. She’s a joy to work with. A joy to collaborate with. And it’s joyful to consume all she does."

Kirsty Hathaway — Executive Creative Director


"I loved working with K on all things brand and marketing at informed. She had clear vision, transparent leadership, and always on-point feedback. She made collaboration easy and fun, pushing us all to level up our creativity. Joined-up leadership across different business areas is hard, but K made it look easy—she made sure that clear creative direction was imbued in every touchpoint and stopped work from getting siloed."

Chloe Sawyer — Freelance Copywriter & Creative


"I consider myself fortunate to have collaborated with Katja during my time as a freelance designer within Informed's marketing team, particularly during an exciting period of new branding implementation. Katja's approach to communication and leadership felt very open, transparent, and a welcoming tone, instantly making me feel integrated into the team dynamic. Seeing in first person her effortless yet effective navigation through cross-departmental tasks was truly inspiring. Working alongside her was a real joy and definitely one of the better experiences of my career!"

Luca Brandovardi — Multidisciplinary Visual Designer


"Working with Katja was an absolute game changer in switching up my design approach and taking my technical skills to the next level. From social media marketing to global campaigns, guided through projects across AllBright’s entire brand universe pushed me to tap into new potential and flex my creative flair with confidence. Given a balance of autonomy and cross-team collaboration, Katja taught me how to identify and interrogate great ideas to develop them into compelling branding/creative. The unwavering support, compassion and expertise Katja shared helped me navigate challenges and constant change unflustered - always anchored by her clear vision, communication and strategic way of working. Katja set the example for great design and leadership which has been influential in shaping my perspective and values as a Junior, now Lead Designer."

Tianna Greham — Lead Designer


"Katja was an amazing Head of Brand & Design. She not only executed a new brand strategy for our B2C brand informed that took the brand to an entirely new level in quality but also brought in her strategic thinking, and her very methodical approach and mentored the design team. Without her, we would have not been able to reach this excellence that our users love about informed."

Ben Mateev — Co-Founder & CEO


"I feel so lucky to have worked under K's leadership at Informed. The experience was truly invaluable for me. I admired K's incredible ability to empower the team most. She has a unique talent for mentoring and guiding people, which also helped me reach my full potential. One of the things that stood out to me about K was her dedication to leading product design. Her strategic vision and attention to detail were excellent and played a vital role in driving the success of our projects. K's leadership style is genuinely inspiring. She is always there to guide, support, and encourage everyone around her. Her approachable nature and willingness to listen have made her an exceptional leader." 

Irina Altuna — Senior Product Designer / User Experience Lead


"I worked with K at Courier Media and I was reporting directly to her. I was impressed from the start at the quality, the quantity and the energy she constantly puts into her work and her ability to quickly learn everything about our magazine, to remember precisely every detail. As the Creative Director she successfully led the studio team for almost a year. She is incredibly good at setting deadlines and staying on top of every project. She is also extremely understanding when it comes to personal matters and is supportive of prioritising other things in life. Courier benefitted from her leadership and I really couldn't recommend K more. I do so knowing that, given her skills and attitude to work, she would excel in any position or role.

Sara Taglioretti — Picture Editor and Producer


"Katja has been a brilliant leader at informed, she was a role model for the team, had a lot of great initiatives and she was the one pushing the product to its highest potential. I really enjoyed working with Katja and hope to work with her again in the future."

Maria Mezher — Functional VP People and Advisor


"Katja was my mentor for 6 months via Who's Your Momma Mentorship Program (WYMM) and I truly believe she was the best thing to have happened to me at the time. She is honest, sincere, trustworthy, positive, and an expert at what she does. She helped me navigate challenging scenarios and addressed my self doubt with utmost clarity and patience. Anyone would be lucky to have her as a mentor and is highly recommended."

Malini Rao — Digital Designer, UX/UI


"Katja was an incredible mentor and I am extremely grateful to have benefitted from her experience and insights. She is a good listener and understands the everyday struggles of our industry and the challenges of design roles very well. I started out with Katja in a place where I lacked a lot of confidence and direction for myself but after six months I really feel like I turned that around with her thoughtful and patient guidance. She is so down to earth and easy to talk to and I felt like I had a real ally on my side. Through her encouragement, advice and gentle nudges, I feel like I've got the skills to carry me forward and it's no exaggeration to say that the experience changed my life! I would not hesitate to recommend Katja as a mentor, whatever stage you are at in your design journey. She is simply fabulous :)"

Karen Jamieson — Design Director


Katja Alissa Mueller
— design, vision, strategy

Based in London.
© Katja Alissa Mueller, forever

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller

Based in London.
© 2019, Katja Alissa Mueller